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      I have today joined the Gebser Society, primarily due to Jeremy Johnson and his work re Gebser, his extensive network inclusive of related and other topics. Also due to the wonderful translations of Aaron Cheak, and the Gebser community I have met thus far. But most of alldue to Jean Gebser himself and his work which I have barely dipped a toe into ( though diaphanously and Ever-Presently at Home with it …(-;).
      I am a musician, filmmaker, Media Shaman, teacher, counselor and Warm Data Lab?’People Need People Host trained( and training) with Nora Bateson. I am both embodied in those roles and free of them also ( at least at times!). I am also the ( ever-present!) host of the coming Warm Integral Conference- beginning summer/early fall 2022 and 2023 and then proposed to continue thereafter Bi-Annually in opposite years to the Gebser Conference and the IEC ) Integral European Conference) in Budapest, Hungary ( Lake Bellaton)- Warm, In Person and Embodied in The Land of Enchantment- New Mexico ( see my Facebook page and pinned post there for the latest info).

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      Gebser Society

      Awesome, nice to meet you and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I also got into the society through Jeremy’s classes, but discovered Gebser in 1990s. Really looking forward to learning more about Nora’s warm data labs work. I’m a big fan of the Bateson’s and really enjoyed Nora’s documentary.
      Hope to see you in the Oct. virtual conference.

      – Jon

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