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      Gebser Society

      This is Jon Riekse, I attended the 2019 conference in Asilomar and agreed to setup a new website, this is it! Looking forward to adding more features for us to interact especially during these virtual times.

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      Allen Bourque

      Hi Jon,
      Just joined; came via Cynthia Bourgeault which led to Jeremy’s book. I want to post a question in the “Reading List” but can’t figure out the mechanics. I literally joined a few minutes ago, so maybe there’s a time delay to activate the right icon?

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      Gebser Society

      Hi Allen, sorry for the long delay. Hope you can attend the virtual conference in Oct, 2021 as we get the group back going in earnest again after a rough gap during 2020. Reading list is something I need to get going on the website. So please check back as I continue to get folks from the Society registered and engaged on this new(ish) website.


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