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      When I first ‘accidentally’ bumped into Gebser’s work in 1994, I got quite literally mind blown. My sense of reality shattered to the degree that I couldn’t even utter a simple sentence without stammering. I felt disoriented, alienated, confused.
      The next six years I read the first part of EPO four times; trice the English translation, once the German original. I never got to the second part, lol (so that challenge still awaits me). And gradually I found myself climbing up from chaos as my ‘grokking’ of Gebser’s mulitdimensional reality grew.

      Besides that, I’m an early school dropout wanderer of (for?) life, father of a now 14 year old son, and an avid reader. Next to probing what being human is, could, and should be, my interests include altered states of consciousness and healthy living.

      Thanks for reading and greetings to you all,


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