Gebser 2015 Conference Archive

Architects of the Integral World

Forty-fifth Annual International Jean Gebser Society Conference
In conjunction with the Philosophy, Consciousness & Cosmology Program
Philosophy & Religion Department, California Institute of Integral Studies

16–18 OCTOBER 2015
San Francisco, California

M. C. Escher, Convex and Concave, lithograph, 1955.

Conference Recordings

Day One:

Day 2:
Day 3:
Conference Program


day one—friday 16 October

10:00    Arrival and Registration

10.30    Das integrale Bewusstsein—Chicago 1969, John Dotson

11:15    The Integral Skeptic: Gebser and Metaphysics, Michael Purdy, PhD

12:00    Lunchbreak (90 minutes) 

1:30    We are Eternally Chinese: Mythic Identity in Outbound Chinese Exchange Students, S. David Zuckerman, PhD  

2:15    Can the West be Integralized without Christianity? Daniel Kealey, PhD  

3.00    Break (30 mins)

3:30    The Wisdom of the Whole: Integral Coaching Model, Linda Bark, PhD

4:15    Close.


day two—saturday 17 October

9:30    Arrival and Registration

10:00    Technosophia: The Emerging Integral-Technological Wisdom Tradition, Theo Badashi

10:45    Ecophilosophy and the Feminine Divine: Creating the Climate for Aperspective Consciousness, Barbara Karlsen, MA

11:30    Meta Matrixes, Planetary Lattices and Integral A-Waring: A Comparative Look at William Irwin Thompson and Ken Wilber in Light of Jean Gebser, Jeremy Johnson, MA

12:15    Lunchbreak (1 hour 45 minutes) (Gebser Society Annual Meeting)

2:00    The Interrupted Irruption of Time: Towards an Integral Cosmology, with Help from Bergson and Whitehead,
    Matthew David Segall, ABD

2:45    Henryk Skolimowski on the Participatory Mind, Leslie Allan Combs, PhD

3:30    Break (30 minutes)

4:00    Towards a Geometry of the Aperspectival World, Jeremy Strawn, MA

4:45    Hearing the Metron, Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA, and Corey Grandmaison

5:30    Close.

7:00    Conference Dinner


day three—sunday 18 October


10:30    Arrival and Registration

11:00    Rilke in Spain and Beyond: Gebser’s Origin, Daniel Joseph Polikoff, PhD

11:45    Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany, Aaron Cheak, PhD

12:30    Assaying the World Statement in, as, and through Language: Revealing the Poetics of Praxis in Gebser’s Eteology,
    Heather Fester, PhD

1:15    Lunchbreak (one hour 15 minutes)

2:30    Nishida and the Place of Absolute Nothingness, Lisa Daus Neville, PhD

3:15    Approaching the Origin: the Diaphonous Body and Classical Chinese Medicine, Brandt Stickley, MA, LAc

4:00    Close.

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