Winter of Origins: A Collaborative Reading of Ever-Present Origin

Dear Gebserians,

I’m excited to announce the “Winter of Origins”, a collaborative reading – or re-reading – of Jean Gebser’s Ever-Present Origin.

Inspired by the conversations between the talks this year at the 45th annual conference, at CIIS, Gebser Society member Marco Morelli approached me with an exciting, new literary project for the digital medium. #LITGEEKS is an online discussion platform and collaborating reading series with the tagline: “An Unusually Hardcore Book club.” Perfectly suited for a read of Jean Gebser’s Ever-Present Origin.

I’d like to formally invite the Gebser Society to participate in our reading, beginning January 13th and concluding March 23rd, 2016. In short, a Winter of Origins.

Our conversations will take place through Infinite Conversations platform, the #LITGEEKS discussion forum, live weekly Google Hangouts, and interviews on my new podcast show, The Electric Symposium. Gebserians are encouraged to participate.

I see this as a unique opportunity to bring Gebser’s primary translated work – EPO – into an exciting, experimental social space, introducing integral scholarship and pedagogy to a new generation of readers and academics.

To receive updates and get on the email for the book club, register here.


Jeremy D. Johnson

Gebser Society President

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